History of Gose

Gose was brewed at least as early as the year 1000 in Goslar, Lower Saxony, Germany. Emperor Otto III ruled Germany from 983 to 1002 and praised the Goslar beer, which was named after the River Gose that joins the Abzucht just southwest of the Old Town. The area was known for its mines, including salt mines. Some salt naturally made its way into groundwater used for brewing. Medieval alchemists spoke of the health effects of white Goslar salt, which they called “blanc de Goslar.”

GOSE 2016

Grand Teton Brewing brewers created their own version of Gose. Our version uses Teton Mountain glacial runoff – clean, pure and slightly sweet. We’ve added Yellowstone Salt, naturally produced and hand-harvested from Salt Creek just outside the National Park. The salt provides a pleasant saltiness and rounded mouthfeel, while accentuating the other flavors in the beer and complementing most accompanying foods.